Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14

have you ever?
I find it somehow charming in its naivete that the government would ask questions like this. They are trying to determine if I am a person of 'good moral character'. But if I weren't, wouldn't I lie? How can they expect honest answers to these questions?

Then it gets even more 'serious'. The questions boil down to:
"Are you a terrorist?" "Do you want to overthrow our government?"
In short, are you a bad guy?
As if I would say yes, if I were.

And just say I lie, and later on get caught red-handed in the act of overthrow. What are they going to accuse me of? Lying on Form N-400?

Of course, I checked all the 'No' boxes. I didn't lie. But then, who would say 'yes' to these questions? I really don't get how this means anything.

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kt said...

What crazy questionnaire was this? It is so funny:)