Monday, October 04, 2010

October 4

Info meetingI was the family representative at the 8th Grade Washington Trip info meeting tonight; asking questions like "Do you take parent chaperones?" for Josh (no) and "Do the kids have to share a bed?" for Lauren (yes).

Plum tuckered out This wee one was bored to snores.

The trip itself sounds like something Josh and I would love. Museums! Monuments! Battlefields! Re-enactments! Historical documents! But would Lauren? Her interests lie more in Getting a Dress than the Gettysburg Address. Would we just be buying a very expensive kid-free week? Or would she actually get a lot of value out of it?

Advice? Did you go on a similar field trip at about that age? Or did you send your kid? Is it worth it?


Rhea said...

I love the emphasis you've put into the little girls lips, it really sums it up for me

Anonymous said...

As of now, my thinking is that as parents we need to try and provide as many adventures as possible. You never know what might spark something in a child. Worst case, we have a kid free week.