Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15

I didn't realize until I searched just now that it was in February that I saw a doctor about my ankle. I was thinking that I'd gone in June, because I know that it had been hurting for at least six months at the time. But it was February, which means that I've been having ankle pain for a goddamn year or more. The cortisone shot I received back then relieved the discomfort for a couple of weeks, but the pain came back, and, over the last eight(!) months, it's steadily got worse. So much so, I no longer want to walk for exercise. And that sucks.

I have (a) a high tolerance for pain and (b) a distinct lack of desire to see doctors, which is why I've been putting up with this for so long. But I'm tired of it now. I want to find out what's wrong, and have some treatment options. I didn't get any today. Dr Lee said the bones look fine on the xray, so I need an MRI to determine what's going on.

And, of course, I couldn't just go over the road to the hospital and get an MRI. They need to clear it with my insurance company, then I can make an appointment. Then the radiologist needs to report back to the orthopedist, and then they'll call me to come back for treatment. This could take a while.

Meanwhile, I am grateful that my only health concern is a minor one. Apart from my right lower extremity, I'm fighting fit. And happy. Even though my scaling & foreshortening on the above illustration are WAY off.

P.S. I saw another movie this evening. I know!!! "Nowhere Boy", about the teen John Lennon. I liked it! Maybe I could get used to this 'going to movies' idea.


Penny said...

MRI seems to be the way, after months of pain in my knee I had one last week cost,
$250!! no insurance will give me a claim back as my gp authorised it!
No report yet, I see him on Tuesday.
Life isnt always the way we want it.

Hashi said...

Penny, MRIs cost around $5000 here. Yep, five thousand dollars. You can bet we make sure that insurance is covering the bulk of it before we go get one.

Rhea said...

Take care of yourself mum, you're the only one I've got!