Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October 6

Lunchbag styles
What kind of lunchbag do you like? I've made quite a few foldover types, secured with either velcro or a button, and I've decided I'm not a fan, mainly because they're not easy to grab. I think handles are the way to go. I quite like the 'tied at top' idea, because it's so NOT a handbag, and it evokes furoshiki, a current crush of mine. Votes?


Anonymous said...

I find zippers annoying and never end up closing them, tho if it's only a once a day use thing then it would be good for keeping everything in. I don't the the magnetic clasp would be strong enough tho I may be wrong. I think the tie up would be the way to go. It would make me feel like I was carrying my lunch in a tied up hanky on the end of a stick, Huck Finn style lol

Rhea said...

Above comment was from me lol

nettie said...

vote 1 for tied up
vote 2 for fold over

deb did it said...