Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half the year has gone

Pretty morning shadows
I caught golden hour at both ends of the day. Score.

7:30 AM I was in Century City to learn about how my decision to become a US citizen is going to affect my taxation status for the rest of my life. But first: pretty shadows.

Then, to celebrate a successful half-year, we were treated to a fancy dinner (at The Lobster in Santa Monica) by one of our vendors. This is my workmate Elke.
And this is Dena. Both these ladies are awesome to work with.
ForksWhile waiting for the food, I had the choice of staying in my west-facing seat and being blinded by the setting sun, or going outside and taking photos. Easy choice, duh.
Street entertainer
A couple of street entertainers were challenged to a dance-off by a pair of young guys. I so wish I'd shot video of the interaction; it was immensely entertaining.
I didn't even notice this spectator was holding a puppy until I processed the photo.
View of Santa Monica Pier
Back in the restaurant, I ate my delicious meal of Australian barramundi ("Up in the north/they eat barramundi/here in Australia/you'll never go hungry") but soon got antsy again and had to get back out there. Because that's what I do. I get back out there.
Santa Monica Pier
It's the end of June, and it seems I have survived.


Rhea said...

That song! I still remember that song!! Oooo, could you make me like a song book of the songs you used to sing to me? That one, and the other girl guide ones. I need to pass that on :)

Love you, miss you, Not long now!!!

Anonymous said...

You have done more than have flourished. I knew you would!

SEWN said...

each day gets easier. Thank god. :0 To the second half!

deb did it said...

Hashi, my friend...carry on and stay strong!