Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camping trip, Day 1

My buddy Chris and I headed north up Hwy 395, with a couple of scenic stops along the way. Destination: Bishop.
Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon always deserves a visit.
Fossil Falls
So does Fossil Falls.
Easter Sierras
We kept heading north through rising elevations.
Babbling brook
Forks campground
Arriving at Bishop, we turned west and climbed four thousand feet more, till we found our campground. As we rose, it became apparent that checking the weather for Bishop (particularly the overnight temps) had been pretty irrelevant. It was going to be a LOT colder up here.

Forks Campground is gorgeous! We selected a site sheltered by pine trees, right next to a rushing stream. As white noise, it was perhaps a tad too loud, but it was certainly preferable to the aircraft and sirens that are our customary nightly accompaniment.
Hmmm ... should I?
After setting up, we cruised back down the mountain to check out the pleasures that Bishop has to offer. A beer, some live music, and the dedication ceremony for a community art project led us to believe that Bishop is a pretty nice little town.
My camping buddy
Back up the hill, we enjoyed a lovely campfire dinner and some equally palatable vino rosso. And the stars! Oh, yes ...

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