Saturday, June 25, 2011


En route to lunch with friends (one very current, one from the middling past) in Burbank, I cruised through Griffith Park. I could take photos for days (and weeks) there. In an urban area like Los Angeles, it's quite the oasis. Much more than Central Park is for New Yorkers. Because here, it's way less built up. Ironic that the things I focused on were those that reminded me of gritty civilization.
EucalyptusWhat bug or bird makes such regular piercings?
Road to nowhere?
I was attracted to some rusty machinery above Mineral Wells. I love the 'road to nowhere' ....
My friends and I met at Porto's in Burbank. It's no surprise that this is a popular hangout. The prices are reasonable, the food is fine.
Yvette and Kathy
It was loud, but what do you expect in a focal meeting spot? Got a problem with that? Go walk down the street. So, after lunch, we did.


jek-a-go-go said...

Mmmm, Porto's! Did you get a cheese roll? Just up the street from Porto's is one of my old favorite thrift stores. Not so much anymore but sometimes a look through is fun. I still need to send ya another email about your camping adventure...happy summer!

Penny said...

Sounds as if another life may be about to take over, I hope I am right and am glad for you. Some how you seem to have turned into another dsughter I worry about. Love P.