Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Just beginning to awakenTwo days ago, just beginning to open.
Big 'uns
I wish I'd taken time-lapse photos of these babies opening and changing colours. Wow.

Are these unusually large peonies (8" span), or is this normal? (They remind me of these.)

I want to grow me some! But for now, $7 a bunch at Trader Joe's is good value in my book. I've certainly got more than $7 worth of entertainment out of them for the past four days.


deb did it said...

these blooms are so beautiful...WOW!

eviecarling said...

Yes, I am not sure you remember how blown I was when viewing the same "live floral theatre!" My blooms spanned that far as well!

I would have liked to have taken a video of the "blooming event" as well...'quite well worth more than $7!

After seeing this, I discovered the many floral faces of dahlias -- courtesy of Bristol Farms. 'turns out, they are supplied by a grower in Malibu -- right in our neighborhood. How fun would it be to see them all blooming in a garden, eh?

God's paintbrush never ceases to amaze and fascinate.

Your life will bloom as beautifully as those flowers, Hashi...Just you wait! xo