Thursday, December 30, 2010

Art at the Skirball

Taking advantage of my time off work, I took myself up the hill to the Skirball Cultural Center this afternoon so I could enjoy Free Admission Thursday :-) There's currently two exhibits of interest to me there (well, three if you count the permanent Noah's Ark installation, which is tons of fun).

1000 Journals ProjectThe first is the 1000 Journals Project.

Journals on displayTwelve of the original 1000 journals are on display; many more are represented on the walls and computer screens.

Adding to a journalThere are over 30 additional "in-progress" journals provided in the exhibition space, along with pens, paper, magazine pages, glue, and other journalling tools and materials. Even the youngest visitors are encouraged to contribute.

At first I didn't think I'd journal myself, but suddenly I wanted to. I made a very personal page, then snapped the book shut and walked suddenly away from it. It was like sending a Postsecret; putting something out there that was so very private. It felt risky but cathartic.

More awesome than that, was the Maira Kalman exhibit. What a wonderful artist, what a quirky world view, what pleasure and joy is in that room. Besides her peerless illustrations, I loved seeing her textiles and collections, and the watches she designed with her husband, for M&Co.

If you get a chance, go go go. Both exhibits run till Feb 13.

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