Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Hats

The materials for this year's hats were all from the office supply store. There were lots of groans from the guests when they saw what they had to work with, but ingenuity soon surfaced and some fabulous headwear resulted.
Romy (back)
Johnny, Alex
Lynne, Lauren, Evie

I forgot to photograph the food. But let's face it, an Indian feast isn't really that photogenic without fancy dishes or props. It was delicious, so that's all that counts.

So now Christmas is done, except for taking down the tree, which will probably happen in the next couple of days. I'm not one for leaving it up till Jan 6th, as my mother did. In many ways, I feel that Christmas is the culmination of my year, and once the day is past, I'm ready to clear it away and get ready, mentally, for the new year.

Now all the gifts have been unwrapped, I can share a few more with you.
AMH chook
AMH chookI made Anna Maria Horner's hen with chicks for Little Miss Tessa.
Lunch bag and napkin
Lunch bag and napkinLunch bags and napkins for Nettie and Jessica.
Potholders, trivet and teatowelKitchen textiles for Emma.
BibsBibs for Aiden (including one to celebrate his first Christmas).
CandleholdersAnd for Josh, Lauren and Ian, wooden candleholders. Without a drill press, it was hard to drill the holes completely flat, so the tealights sit a little wonkily. But overall, I think they were impressed :-)

Now for the gentle slide into 2011. I plan plenty of reading, meditation, and contemplation, along with some purging.

What are YOU doing this week?


nettie said...

Amazing how some people can still manage to look as stylish as ever - even in office supplies headwear!

Your gifts to us were huuugely loved and greatly appreciated. We love love love receiving hand made items from you. Thank you, sister.

Glad to hear you've got some post xmas plans. For my one week off, I plan to read, walk and see as many movies as I can. I've already walked the dogs this morning and now I'm off to see The King's Speech.

Hashi said...

You're seeing The King's Speech? I just got back from seeing that! I loved it!