Friday, December 17, 2010

One week to go

We're on the countdown to Christmas. Last night I thawed out 19 batches of frozen cookies, and bagged them up for workmates and teachers. But first I filled the tins to send to U.S. relatives. I've been waiting till the last minute to mail the domestic gifts, not wanting the cookies to go stale. However, a mad search in the garage revealed the sad truth that I'd used all the boxes and bubble wrap on the Australian mailing. Ack.

So today I brought home the necessaries from work: MORE than enough cartons and packaging material. Tomorrow morning will find me in line at the post office, much later in the month than I find comfortable. I doubt I'll do cookies for mailable gifts in the future. While I still think that food gifts are delightfully gender- and age-neutral, "non-perishable" is better, I've decided.

One week to go. Oh how I love Christmas. This weekend's list:
  • Mail U.S. gifts. This will be an exercise in practicing patience. I hope to get out of the PO prior to my blood bank appointment at 10:30.
  • Make crackers. Check back for this year's version -- it's going to have a theme!
  • Buy pyjamas for Lauren. I've realized that grownups really don't need new pj's every year. Josh is still wearing the pair I gave him six years ago. Subsequent gifts have been quietly sent to the thrift store, I think. But Lauren is still growing, and, when she heard I was going to skip that tradition this year, she demanded requested that she, at least, should get them. I've looked at the mall, and failed to find anything that will fit her tween body without either showing her breast buds or screaming a brand name, or both. I hope to find something acceptable to both of us this weekend. We may end up with handmade. Wish me luck.
  • Plan menu for The Day. For the past few years, I've made Beef Bourguignon and roasted veggies. It's easy, it's tender, and it's popular. Maybe I'll do it again this year, but maybe not. Josh is not eating beef right now, and of course I am vegetarian, so I don't care what meat I serve. Some of our guests will be Jewish, so ham is out ... maybe roasted chickens? I don't know ... for the first time in many years I'm floundering on the Christmas menu. I'd actually love to just go meatless, but I'm not sure I want to rock the boat that much. What are YOU serving? Inspire me, please!
  • Buy non-perishable food for Christmas. See above.
  • Socialize. We have a party on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday. I am looking forward to both.
  • The usual weekend stuff. You know: laundry, housework, grocery shopping, grooming the cat, watering the orchids ....
I'm happy. I'm ready for it. Bring it on!


nettie said...

We're quite in the xmas spirit here too. Family and friends all here for the weekend-before-xmas feasting. Now if only the weather was a bit more xmassy.

Good luck with the menu for The Day.

Rhea said...

I am actually cooking this year for the first time. I got a small chicken, going to do some sort of simple roast. Start off slow with a small audience lol.

Alison said...

Happy Christmas - thank you for the lovely card - I am cooking a turkey with a chestnut loaf for the vegetarians. We have a chestnut icecream 'wreath' with melted chocolate and red and green cherries on top - very festive looking.

deb did it said...

I managed to wiggle out of cooking this year...I baked a huge cake and made Salmon Mousse(I am a Fishetarian) and little Cucumber Canapes...stuffed with my homemade Spicy Hummus and a sliver of Roasted Red Pepper. Today I am cooking up a pot of Mexicali Veggie Chili...have a wonderful Brunchy Sunday!