Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bun in the oven

My curly girlTwo days ago she emailed me, "Any chance we could Skype tomorrow? xoxoxox." Then yesterday it was, "Please turn your skype on! I have the cam set up and everything lol."

When I saw it was both her and Tony on camera, I had a feeling there was some Big News to impart. I was right.

My curly girl, now 22 almost 23 years old, is having a baby.

I admit to a *facepalm* when they told me. After all, they had just decided to postpone their May wedding until they were better on their feet. Now they're looking at getting married next month.

But they are excited, so I am too. Sure, the timing isn't ideal, but it hardly ever is, right? There are now three pregnant ladies in the family. You know what this means ... I need to get cracking on more baby gifts!


Rhea said...

I was wondering what photo you'd use lol. And I'm almost 23! ;D

Glenda said...

Congratulations to all of you!

IMO, having a short-notice wedding is quite nice because the engaged couple focuses on what's really most important to them to have in their wedding =).

And crafting baby gifts, why that's just icing on the cake!!

Beck said...

WOW! How very exciting! Congrats to Rhea - we wish her every happiness!!

sewabeginner said...

Congrats! What a great year 2011 will be! :)

Tony H. said...

Really looking forward to it! ...can't wait :]

deb did it said...

oh my God...I have grandbaby-envy...and all I wanna do is make baby quilts...this announcement makes me wanna go ahead and do it...Congrats! How fun and proud

Wendee said...

Congratulations, Hashi! Happy baby-crafting! :D