Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cast off!

It was a family affair
It was a family affair
The foot emerges.
Although my doctor's appointment to remove my (second) cast isn't till Monday, I had a little mishap in the shower this morning. I've been using two garbage bags, one tucked into the top of the cast, and the other cinched tight with a piece of elastic, to keep my leg dry while bathing. Last time I showered (I admit it, I've only been showering every other day since this rigmarole started) I tore a hole in one of the bags. This morning I was undressed, with the shower running, when I suddenly realized I had only one layer of plastic handy, and no clothes on. F*** it, I thought. I'll just be careful. I won't get it wet.


A lovely river flowed inside my fibreglass cast, soaking the many layers of padding. It was wet. It was squishy. I drove to work in a quagmire, and called my wonderful prop master husband (who can get ANYTHING) and asked him to please bring home a cast cutter, because I had a stinky swamp foot which would only get more ripe and horrid between now and Monday. He did. He's good like that.

So tonight my foot was finally released from its prison. It was a family effort. Josh sawed. Lauren vacuumed. I drank. Then I showered, without plastic bags. Oh, bliss.

Is my torn tendon healed? I think it might be. It's hard to tell, because ANY flexing of my foot and ankle feels uncomfortable right now. I am still limping, and treating it gently. But I'm hopeful that I can be dancing and hiking again in the new year.

I am SO looking forward to 2011~~!! Are you?


Penny said...

I do hope you are too, I am still being careful of my knee but have done too much so feel sore and sorry, so take it slowly!

kt said...

I would have had a drink in each hand:) I hope it is healed!

deb did it said...

YAY!!! I will drink to that too! and may I have a dance with you next year?? I will save a space on my dance card just for you! I am looking forward to hopefully reopening my B&B next Spring 2011

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm, wow cool nice plastercast i like the collor ,and i like your cute toes to xoxox.