Friday, December 31, 2010

The world's fanciest lunch bag

The world's fanciest lunch bagRemember when I said that I don't care for fold-over lunch bags, because they lack a handle? Well, then I found Heather Bailey's Jack & Jill pattern, so had to buy and make it. At last, a project worthy of my precious PippiJoe fabric. I didn't have quite enough, so extended it with some embroidered linen from a thrifted skirt. The result is so fancy, so formal looking, that I feel I should be taking it to the opera, not to the office!

I'm going to test drive this baby before I pronounce judgment on it, but right off the bat it seems too fussy for practicality. You have to fold in the top sides, fold it down, secure the velcro, tie the ribbon .... really? Am I just being lazy, or is this too much work? I'll let you know in a week.


Penny said...

Fussy or not it looks scrumptious.
Happy New Year.

Lola said...

That is the most BEAUTIFUL lunch bag I've ever seen!!! Jack & Jill never fail :)

Tony H. said...

that's awesome!! :D

Wendee said...

Wow! That's gorgeous!! Happy lunching, Hashi!