Sunday, January 02, 2011


0101bWe live in a rental with a pretty sad back lawn. We're in the middle of a rainy spell, so yesterday Josh decided to get some rye grass seed and fertilizer and spread it around. Why not? We are not responsible for the garden (the landlord pays gardeners) but a few bucks and a small amount of effort could give us some nice results in a month or two.

As I watched him, it struck me that this typifies Josh's M.O. He's always putting in little (and big) efforts to do a favor, to give friends a leg up, to share his wisdom, to make things tidier or more organized. He notices messes that I glaze over. He takes responsibility, and quietly, without fuss, gets in and does what he can to make things better.

Pretty nice. Pretty nice, this man.


Rhea said...

Does he give tutorials? ;D

deb did it said...

he is nice and you are grateful.This is such a sweet post