Monday, January 10, 2011

Show and Tell Monday

Muriel BarclayI'm playing along with kt40's Show and Tell Mondays.

I had never heard of Scottish artist Muriel Barclay until my sister sent me the two greeting cards you see here, on separate occasions, several years ago. I loved them, and tucked them into a memorabilia box, only to rediscover them recently.

I love the colours, the composition, and the painterly marks of these pieces, so I decided to learn more about this talented artist. Barclay showed artistic promise while still in school, but was steered towards getting a 'real job'. She painted as a hobby while teaching history and raising three children, until finally the art took over, and, in her forties, began to pursue her passion full time. Now she's in demand throughout Great Britain, exhibits at prestigious galleries, and receives commissions from all over the world.

I hope one day to see an original Barclay, but until then, I need to get a pair of square black frames and hang these lovelies on my wall.


kt said...

Yes, you do need to frame and hang these! Her paintings are so expressive and I love her color choices. Thanks for showing and telling about her. It would be so cool to see the real deals.

just some guy said...

I got your parcel today Hashi, Rhea's going to love it! I can't wait to see her face light up when she sees it :P