Friday, January 14, 2011

Picasso, by xkcd

xkcdAm I the only nerd in the world who's never heard of xkcd? To my surprise and delight, I received this book in the mail today, from an old friend with whom I have infrequent contact. Lots of the comics have me laughing out loud, but the one above really tickled my funny bone.


Glenda said...

Love that comic strip! I live in west Texas and there are lots of wind turbine farms out here in the wide open spaces. The first time I saw one of the farms I commented to my hubby that it reminded me of War of the Worlds. They're very eerie, yet beautiful.

nettie said...

Oh I love it!!

nettie said...

Oh great. Now I have another reason to spend time on the net. (But it's brilliant!)