Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tempura + sushi

Last week Lauren asked if we could have tempura for dinner one night soon. Then she added, "Do you know how to make sushi?" And I wondered why I never had. It was time to learn.

My local supermarket had all the ingredients for California rolls (sticky rice, nori, surimi, avocado and cucumber), but didn't have the bamboo mat. I improvised with a piece of plastic canvas, which was a bit too inflexible, but the rolls didn't turn out too badly.

Making sushi
Veggies prepped for tempura
First attempt at sushi
Sushi + tempura

Amazingly, all four of us were home for dinner. So, with the candles and lovely table setting, it had a bit of a special occasion feel. Josh is not really a fan of Japanese food, but anything deep fried in batter has got to be good, right? Predictably, the tempura was a big hit.

He did ask if next time we could make sushi without the seaweed. So I'm going to look for soy paper. And a bamboo mat. Because I think home made sushi will be appearing on our dinner table, and in our lunchboxes, again.


Glenda said...

If you don't have luck finding a bamboo mat, you might check your local bookstore. Ours has a section of book-kits -- instructional books or cookbooks that contain the supplies you need for what you'll be learning to make. Knitting, cookie-making, origami, etc., and I've seen one that is for making sushi and includes the bamboo mat.

I love that you improvised with a piece of plastic canvas!!

Hashi said...

Thanks for the tip, Glenda!

Tony Hepburn said...

SUSHII!! I love making sushi :P

deb did it said...

sushi...actually favorite...I could eat it 3 meals a day...I will seek out Austin Sushi~